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What if ‘work’ was simply a creative response to the needs of the world and all its beings? If the wellbeing of people and planet, not profit, was the main focus of human endeavour and the basis of our economy? What if the most valued work, instead of the least valued, was growing and making food, offering hospitality, building homes and infrastructures, keeping spaces beautiful, maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing, ensuring the health of soil, air, and water – in fact, any work that enhances life on Earth?

If we could all do work that we love and we’re good at; work that’s creative rather than destructive, collaborative rather than competitive; we could achieve vibrant local economies, strong communities and a healthy, flourishing planet. It’s a big ask. But with all we’ve achieved as a species, it shouldn’t be beyond our ability – if enough of us want it, and feel empowered to achieve it. This is my vision; this is why I do the work I do. I contribute my bit by helping others find and do ‘good work’; work that’s good for them, and good for the world.

My story


I started my working life as a riding instructor. After four years of enormous fun, hard work and very little pay, I decided it was time to get a ‘proper job’. For ten years I tried work as various as accountancy and steel fixing, with much in between. During this time I won several writing competitions, and had short stories and poems published in national magazines.


I discovered Learning and Development nearly twenty years ago, and knew straight away I’d found my niche – which has continued to evolve. I served my time with large organisations such as Nestle, Care First, Cheltenham & Gloucester and Cranfield University before seeing the light and working to support those working for wellbeing in the world.


In 2010 I travelled round the UK on foot and by public transport, staying with readers of Resurgence Magazine and running workshops for communities on living in harmony with self, others and planet. In 2011/12 I spent a year studying at Schumacher College, Dartington. In 2014, Hearing our Calling – my book about the importance of doing the right work – was published. In 2015 I was Green Party parliamentary candidate in the Totnes Constituency, and I help co-ordinate the Totnes Area Greens group. I’m also a trustee at Hawkwood College in Stroud.


I have a private coaching practice in Devon and worldwide via Skype, and provide L&D services for ethical organisations. My clients have included SHAL Housing, DEFRA, YWCA, Green Templeton College, Greensquare Group, The Ethical Property Company, Fairfield College, RCT Homes and Age UK. I’m working on a new book, provisionally entitled ‘Sleepwalking’.


My Own Learning


I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to developing skills, in order to serve clients (and the greater good) as well as possible.

Significant learning experiences include:


  • Studying with wonderful teachers, including Jan Mojsa, Satish Kumar, Stephan Harding and Martin Shaw
  • Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Myers Briggs Practitioner
  • Personal Strengths Practitioner
  • NLP Core Skills
  • Transactional Analysis 101
  • Certificate in Gestalt in Organisations
  • Diploma in Coach-Mentoring (Distinction)
  • MSc in Holistic Science
  • Ongoing membership of a Gestalt practitioners’ CPD group
  • Regular participation in OCM alumni CPD days
  • Time spent learning from the natural world
  • Reading broadly
  • Discussion and debate with others from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds
  • Practise, mistakes, successes, feedback, reflection and more practise!




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