Gill Coombs - Coaching for wellbeing at work Gill Coombs - Coaching for wellbeing at work Gill Coombs - Coaching for wellbeing at work


Facilitation, Workshops and Coaching

for Social Enterprises/Small Businesses/Ethical




  • Could communication in your organisation be more authentic?
  • Might your team benefit from experiencing a deeper way of collaborative working?
  • Does your organisation have a good balance of head, hands, heart and soul?


I offer a high quality, flexible and collaborative Learning and Development service for organisations that have the wellbeing of people and planet at the centre of their work.


I draw on many years of group work with organisations, at all levels and across the sectors. A year studying at Schumacher College challenged and enriched my understanding of business goals, communication, relationship, organisational structure and working practices. My aim is to help you do excellent, enjoyable work; work that benefits people and the whole living planet.




All good facilitators keep lively conversation on track. I also support teams in exploring ideas and surfacing differences in a creative, supportive space. I bring a playful approach of experimentation, and powerful, felt learning that people tend to remember for a long time. I offer focused, facilitated discussions for project teams and groups, based around your organisation’s live issues and topics, such as:



(which typically include agreeing core values, creating a vision, laying down strong working relationships etc.)


Creative Problem Solving

(which typically include addressing conflict, finding direction, restructuring etc.)


Team Cohesion

(which typically include exploring different styles of working and communicating, finding common ground, identifying natural team roles, etc.)




I offer one or two day workshops including a wide range of topics such as:


  • Emotional Intelligence: understanding your emotions and their triggers; managing emotions and behaviours skilfully; developing awareness of others; creating positive relationships.

  • Assertiveness: exploring and practising ways of relating to others that support good working relationships, mutual respect and positive outcomes for the greater good.

  • Presentation Skills: tools and techniques for delivering your message effectively to groups; lots of practise and feedback in a safe environment to hone your skills.

  • Dignity at Work: harassment and bullying, and how to avoid them; working positively and creatively with difference; legally protected groups, and other human differences that can lead to conflict.

  • New Leaders: exploring the leadership role; recognising your personal leadership style; understanding and practising a range of skills to help you monitor and discuss your team’s work.

  • Leading Teams for Excellent Outcomes: exploring what motivates us and others; refining communication skills; responding to a range of people and situations; holding difficult conversations.

  • Recruitment and Selection: defining the new role; preparing for interview; asking really useful questions; messages you want to convey; some legal points; making a decision.

  • Supporting Development: some psychology of learning; identifying appropriate learning activities; ensuring that learning moves from the head into everyday decisions and behaviours.

  • Basic Coaching Skills: helping others to do their best thinking; the art of not advising; skilful questions and deep listening; feedback and challenge; supporting creation of a vision and a plan.


Core workshop activities are tried and tested, and consistently well-received. However, all workshops are highly collaborative and adaptive, and can be adapted (and often are!) to respond to specific group/organisational needs.




Sometimes some focused 1:1 work around a specific issue such as dilemmas, work/life balance, leadership, working relationships or prioritising tasks or can be really helpful. An initial meeting to discuss the area/s you’d like to work on will help us decide whether a one-off session is sufficient (this does sometimes happen!) or whether you’d like to book in a series of sessions. We’ll review progress as we go.


My Rates


My rates include my preparation time, and any follow-up work or written summaries that are requested. Get in touch for an informal discussion about your organisation’s issues/requirements, and we’ll take it from there…


Special arrangements are available for new/struggling enterprises. Please contact me, and we’ll find a way to make it work!





'Gill has run several team days for us; bringing together existing and new team members in a shared vision for the future. Gill is good at bringing clarity to what is being said, asking people to focus on what is important and to respect each other’s views. She is good at creating a comfortable space within which people can reflect on their own approach, using tools that people find both illuminating and challenging.'

(Helen Barbrook, Befriending Co-ordinator, Age UK)


'Gill ran our team awayday and made it a really fun, productive session. We achieved all that we wanted to achieve and more – her people skills, insight and knowledge were invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any organisation who is thinking of using an external facilitator for such an event.'

(John Shipley, Operations Director (People) at SHAL Housing Ltd)


'I have the highest regard for Gill, a view shared by the vast majority of colleagues who have worked with her and benefitted from her knowledge , skills and confidence building style. At an organisational level her impact on leadership effectiveness and culture was both significant and invaluable as we sought to build a supportive people and customer focussed organisation. I would commend Gill to anyone looking to develop and improve the performance of the managers and teams at all levels.'

(David Ashmore OBE, Consultant, former Chief Executive)


'Gill has done a wide range of work for myself and various teams, across a wide spectrum of areas. Gill has worked on team building, facilitation, coaching and leadership development. To each project she brings a positive approach, excellent emotional intelligence, and a sense of purpose, backed with profound insight. Gill is able to draw on wide experience from work in industry, and the charitable sector, and delivers a wide range of training courses. Working with Gill has always proved a positive experience, she balances the need to support can challenge well, and never loses sight of the individual.'

(Tom Pritchard, Commercial Director at GreenSquare Group)


'Gill's approach to her work is second to none. She is a consummate professional at all times and clearly takes enormous pride in her work. Gill is an experienced practitioner in her field and brings an outcome centred approach.'

(Rob Fletcher, Head of ICT, GreenSquare Group)


'Gill is an excellent trainer and coach. She is very empathetic and works very effectively with individuals and with groups.'

(Wendy Spray, Group Head of Community Involvement at GreenSquare Group)


'An excellent, well-run day with the balance of discussion and activity with theory managed extremely well'

(Janet Kenward, Principal, Fairfield College)


'The team building days were full of energy and fun, bringing our team closer together without realising it. Gill's workshops were thought provoking and encouraged team members to be honest and open. Everyone who took part in the team building days thoroughly enjoyed them and felt that they had bonded with other colleagues which will help with future working together.'

(Tracey Chant, Commercial Property Manager, Oakus)


'There was a clarity and rigour in her thinking which was unexpected, for me - and a truly unexpected angle of compassion & non-judgement, which I found really exciting. And I was surprised, too, at what a difference it made to share this experience, and be with others in a way that guided and structured our thinking. And then, what brilliant material came up!'

(Judy Hindley, Children's Author)